WhatsApp testing new feature to identify, mark spam messages

WhatsApp testing new feature to identify, mark spam messages


Being a WhatsApp user you might be aware of messages which are ‘viral’ in nature and show up across groups you are participating in. You might have also experienced instances where you get added to random groups which are unknown to you. WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature which will help you get rid of these issues by correctly labeling such messages.


As of now, if you ever receive a message from an unknown sender, you can mark it as spam. You can also block or report such a sender. WhatsApp now aims to take its crackdown against spam a step ahead by introducing a feature which will especially target messages which are forwarded or circulated multiple times.

If you observe, many times a single message is shared on multiple groups which are not even interlinked. This is due to the fact that every time a spammer sends a message, it is not sent to a single contact but to a large group by picking data from the Internet or from some registration service for the purpose of false news or advertising.

With the new feature, WhatsApp will identify such forwarded messages which are shared multiple times and inform the user about it, WABeta Info reports. This feature is currently being tested, and is likely to be rolled out in the next update for Android and iOS.

Currently, WhatsApp does not block messages which have been forwarded over 25 times. Going forward, the new feature will alert if a message has been forwarded more than 25 times through a label that reads ‘Forwarded Many Times’.

Given that a lot of times we share or reshare certain messages across groups which we find interesting (not necessarily spam or false news), it is unclear how WhatsApp will manage these settings. However, as the feature is still under development, we might see a fully-functional rollout which is of relevance.

At present, if you want to send a particular message to many people in your contact list, you can do so through the Broadcast List feature. This feature is not useful for spammers as only those can receive the message whose numbers have been added to the contacts list.

Meanwhile, an ‘obsolete’ error left a lot of Indians scratching their heads over the weekend. On firing up the app, some users reported receiving a notification which read their app had now gone ‘obsolete’. The solution to this is re-installing the app. If you had your data backed up, then this little step is the simple fix.

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