Want to gift gold? Here’s how you can gift gold via WhatsApp

Want to gift gold? Here’s how you can gift gold via WhatsApp

New Delhi: This festive season, like most other experiences that have gone online, so has gifting. And, the latest thing that you can gift online this season is gold.

Now, WhatsApp which is a messaging platform will allow you to gift gold to your loved ones. There are several options to buy or invest in digital gold. One such platform is SafeGold.

SafeGold offers a gold accumulation plan for customers who wish to buy and accumulate gold without worrying about the safekeeping of the metal. It has partnered with investment platforms like Paytm and PhonePe to provide digital gold.

Safegold is a digital platform that allows customers to buy, sell, and take delivery of 24k physical gold, at low ticket sizes, around the clock.

Along with this, the platform also allows WhatsApp users to send money to their contacts. Here’s how it works:

How to gift gold?

After you log in to your account, you can gift gold by clicking on the Gift option on the dashboard. You will need to enter the recipient’s mobile number and amount of gold you wish to gift, along with any message or sticker you’d like to add for the occasion. If you haven’t purchased gold yet, you’ll need to buy some gold before you choose to make your first gift.

However, you cannot gift gold to yourself.

How will the recipient get gold?

The recipient of the gold will be sent an SMS with a link to redeem the gold during a stipulated time period. The recipient can log in with his SafeGold account and claim the gold within that time period. You can send a link to him or her through Whatsapp or any other messaging platform, which will lead the recipient to the gift.

SafeGold also allows to send gold to a person who does not have a SafeGold account via a link. The recipient will need to enter the mobile number on which the gift was sent, and the OTP sent to access the gold which has been gifted to claim the gold.