Use Google Pay, Paytm or other payment apps: 5 things you should never forget

Use Google Pay, Paytm or other payment apps: 5 things you should never forget

The incredible convenience of UPI is evidenced in the millions of new users adopting the means of digital payment, wholeheartedly. UPI is also unique in that it places immense power in the hands of users, with the ability to keep themselves safe. Here are five things you should always keep in mind while using any UPI-based app to keep your payments safe and secure.


Never share your password

This tip sounds quite obvious, as have been using passwords for years. Right? But actually not always. Sometimes, people unknowingly scribble a password on a piece of paper to remember it, or share it with someone they trust in a public place – point is, there are various seemingly harmless ways in which passwords can get leaked. So, never share passwords with anyone. If you are worried that you may forget it, use password savers on secure browsers or devices, but never write it down.

PIN is personal

We use PINs or Personal Identification Numbers to confirm our identity. These PINs we use to lock our smartphones, secure ATM cards and more. Digital payment apps like Google Paytoo have a double locking system to confirm your identity before letting you access the app.

Therefore, the PIN should not be shared with anyone, not even people you trust or anyone claiming to be a customer care representative.

Keep track of your transactions

As we make more and more payments online, it is sometimes easy to lose track. UPI allows merchants to send ‘collect requests’ to customers for the amount they have shopped or availed a service for.

However, if you see a payment request, which you do not remember, say for shopping, services, or refilling a wallet please decline it. The good thing with UPI is that no transaction can be completed without your approval, so stay alert, and only authorise transactions that you have initiated.

Find the right customer care number

There could be a situation when something goes wrong on your digital payment and you need to speak to someone. It happens to all of us. Just remember to only call the number listed on your payment app’s official social media channels or website. There are lots of random numbers floating on the internet to scam people, so always find the number listed on the official channels for your complaint. Apps like Google Pay provide 24/7 support, right within their app.

Someone sent you a collect request: do you know them?

Sometimes, a stranger may send a random payment request to your UPI ID. It can be confusing – and it’s natural to hesitate. However, as a rule, if you feel even slightly unsure of a person’s identity, decline the request.

Most payment apps also display a ‘Scam’ or ‘Stranger’ warning to remind you if the person does not exist in your contact list. Read these signals, and act mindfully.


Source:- gadgetsnow