Swiggy launches ‘Daily,’ an app for everyday homestyle meals

Swiggy launches ‘Daily,’ an app for everyday homestyle meals

Swiggy has launched Swiggy Daily’, the first-of-its-kind homestyle meal subscription by a food delivery platform. After changing the way India eats with its restaurant marketplace, this latest offering by Swiggy will give consumers access to a variety of simple homestyle meals prepared by home chefs, tiffin service providers and organised vendors. Launched in Gurugram, the service will expand to Bangalore and Mumbai in the coming months.


To make this a hassle-free everyday option, ‘Daily’ will allow users to schedule their meals in advance or opt for a daily, weekly or monthly subscription. With the added flexibility to pause, skip, change or cancel a meal, users will have the freedom to customise their subscription plan further.

In February this year, with the launch of Swiggy Stores, the food delivery leader had announced its larger vision to elevate the quality of life of consumers by offering unparalleled convenience. Swiggy Daily is yet another offering in line with this vision.

With a daily changing menu of simple homestyle meals for lunch and dinner across veg and non-veg dishes, the app will list over 30 options for every meal. Authentic meals, ranging from secret family recipes by home chefs to best-sellers by quality vendors, Daily will make food across cuisines like Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil and Gujarati available to users. The service will soon be extended to include snacks, beverages and cut fruits.

Consumers can choose to schedule a single meal or opt for a 3-day, 7-day or a month-long subscription. Users can also choose to top-up a meal with add-ons like beverages, sweets, raita, roti or rice. Keeping affordability as the key focus, the meals range from Rs. 50 to Rs 150 with zero delivery fee.

The platform will include meal options from a healthy mix of organised vendors like Homely, Lunchly, Fig, iDabba and Caloriesmart, popular tiffin services like Dial a Meal and Dailymeals.in that specialize in food fit for daily consumption and expert home chefs like Sumita’s Food Planet, Mrs. Ahmed Kitchen and Shachi Jain.

To ensure consistency in quality and service, Swiggy has put together a robust checklist while onboarding new vendors on Daily. They will be subject to a mix of quantitative and qualitative hygiene checks from both internal and accredited third-party vendors to ensure consumers are worry-free about the food they consume every day.

As a promotional offer, first-time customers can avail a 20% discount for the first month on the Daily app.


Source:- deccanchronicle