SBI OTP Based cash withdrawal: How to withdraw money conveniently and conduct safe transaction

SBI OTP Based cash withdrawal: How to withdraw money conveniently and conduct safe transaction

New Delhi: At a time when the internet is flooded with financial scamsters and fraudsters looking out to dupe the vulnerable people, India’s largest public sector lender State Bank of India (SBI) has brought a host of convenient and safe features for customers. These safety features protects the customers from fraudsters and are at the same time convenient to use.

One such safe and convenient service is SBI’s OTP-based ATM cash withdrawal that puts in place an additional factor of authentication. This additional safety process protects SBI card holders from unauthorized ATM cash withdrawals.

“Our OTP based cash withdrawal system for transactions at SBI ATMs is vaccination against fraudsters. Protecting you from frauds will always be our topmost priority,” said SBI in a tweet.


How does SBI OTP-validated ATM transaction work?

The OTP-validated ATM transaction was introduced in 2020 to minimise the number of unauthorised transactions.

With the introduction of its OTP-based cash withdrawal facility, State Bank of India had added another layer of security for cash withdrawals through its ATMs service.

OTP would be received on the customer”s mobile number registered with the bank. This additional factor of authentication protects State Bank card holders from unauthorized ATM cash withdrawals

Who can avail SBI OTP-based ATM cash withdrawal services?

This facility will not be applicable for transactions, where a State Bank card holder withdraws cash from another bank’s ATM. It is because this functionality has not been developed in National Financial Switch (NFS), as per SBI. NFS is the largest interoperable ATM network in the country and it manages more than 95 per cent of the domestic interbank ATM transactions.

How to withdraw money using SBI OTP-based ATM cash withdrawal Service?

Once the cardholder enters the amount he/she wishes to withdraw, the ATM screen displays the OTP window.

The customer has to enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number to complete the transaction.