Pokémon Go Fest 2018

Pokémon Go held it’s first real-world event — Pokémon Go Fest Chicago. It took place Saturday, July 22, 2017. While tickets sold out almost instantly and the event had serious issues, Niantic and the Pokémon community managed to come together in the end for a Legendary night in Chicago. May 7, 2018: Pokémon GO Fest returns

Here’s how to use Gmail’s new Smart Compose

Google unveiled Gmail’s new Smart Compose feature at its annual developer conference this week, and it’s now available to try out as an “experimental feature” on desktop. Smart Compose builds off the idea of Smart Reply, predicting what you’ll write next as you type in the body of an email. To turn on Smart Compose, make sure

Google Drive’s redesign matches the new Gmail

Google recently overhauled Gmail with a fresh revamp and new functions. Now, the company is following that and rolling out an update to how Google Drive will look on the web. There’s no change in the way you use Drive; the redesign just involves color changes and where icons and buttons are placed. Google says it made visual tweaks

Uninstall These 76 Dangerous Android Apps From Your Smartphone Right Away

Despite deploying enhanced security measures, Google Play Store often gets hit by many malware attacks. Malicious apps on Google Play Store have been a long-time concern and pose huge risk to Android smartphone users. There have been multiple instances where gaming and utility apps have been flagged as dangerous. Among numerous apps here are 76 apps that you should uninstall from your smartphones immediately: