Indian Railways takes commendable step to prevent food-wastage! New public fridge to store food for the needy

No more wasting food! In a bid to prevent wastage of food and to feed the needy, Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways has implemented a commendable measure! Recently, a public refrigerator has been installed at Hubballi railway station in Karnataka. With this move, Indian Railways passengers or food plaza staff can keep surplus or excess food in the

Shocking! Latest Apple iPhone iOS at hacking risk due to ‘bug’

Apple has reportedly unpatched a bug in the latest iOS update 12.4 that it had fixed in the earlier iOS 12.3 update — leaving its most up-to-date iPhones vulnerable to hacking risk. According to Motherboard, security researchers have already exploited the vulnerability in iOS 12.4 and released a public “jailbreak” on open-sourced software development platform