India may get 4th COVID-19 vaccine by July, indicates NITI Ayog

India may get 4th COVID-19 vaccine by July, indicates NITI Ayog

Amid the shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, India may have another COVID-19 vaccine soon by July. The indication was given by the Niti Ayog in its statement on Thursday.

The Central government is in discussions with Pfizer as the American Pharmaceutical company has indicated to provide its COVID-19 vaccine possibly in July, informed Dr VK Paul, Chair of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC) for COVID-19.

“We are engaged with Pfizer as they have indicated the availability of a certain volume of vaccines in the coming months, possibly in July,” Dr Paul said during a press briefing.

Dr Paul also informed that Pfizer has requested indemnity against liability from all nations including their country of origin, the United States.

“They have requested indemnity against liability to all the nations, even the US. We are examining this request. We will take decision in the larger interest of people. It is under discussion but there is no decision as of now,” he said.

He also informed that indigenous vaccine producer Bharat Biotech’s manufacturing capacity is now around 9 million per month, but it is working on increasing its production capacity further. Similarly, the Serum Institute of India (SII) is also increasing the production capacity of the vaccine. It is currently 6.5 crores per month and very soon it will be 11 crores per month or more, he said.

The NITI Aayog member said that India`s Covid cases are on the fall and the trend will sustain if Covid-induced restrictions open up systematically.

“It is reassuring that we are on the downswing of the second wave, and it will be sustained if restrictions open up systematically as the time comes,” he said.