How to learn English: New Google Search feature launched; get it now

How to learn English: New Google Search feature launched; get it now

Google, earlier this week, hosted the Pixel launch event during which it launched the Pixel 6 series smartphones. Then later, the company rolled out subtle yet important updates to its Gmail and Google Docs platforms. But the company isn’t done rolling out updates yet. And the latest Google service to get an update is Google Search. Google today announced a new way using which Google Search will help its users learn English better. And for the Google Search users, who know the language well, it will help them learn new words and hence improve their language skills.

“Understanding the meaning of new words helps unlock information for people as they go about their daily lives, and worldwide in September, according to Google Trends the top-searched English definitions were “introvert” followed by “integrity.” With this in mind, we’ve created an easy-to-use feature that not only helps you learn about different words, but also sparks your curiosity,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Simply said, Google Search’s new feature helps users learn new words in English everyday in the form of notifications that they need to first subscribe to. Once subscribed to, users will get notifications with new words every day. Learning a new word and its meaning can be a bit boring. It is also possible that users may forget it after a few days. So, to help users learn a word better and remember it, Google Search will also tell them an interesting fact about the world, which in turn will help them remember it better.

How to subscribe to Google Search feature

Subscribing to this functionality in Google Search is really simple. All users need to do to sign up is look up the definition of any English word in Google Search and then click on the bell icon in the top right corner.

As of now, this feature is available only in English. Google said that “there are words tailored to both English learners and fluent speakers alike, and soon you will be able to choose different difficulty levels.”