Government issues new guidelines for online classes

Government issues new guidelines for online classes

The HRD Ministry has issued detailed guidelines on online classes for all the students across India. Now the maximum screen time for school students has been capped at three hours per day.

The Union government has also recommended a 30-minute session, at most, for guiding parents of children in the pre-primary grade.

Students of classes 1 to 8 are allowed to attend a maximum of two sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each. Not more than four online classes of 30 to 45 minutes each should be held for Classes 9 to 12.

The ministry has also cautioned against overburdening teachers, “School heads should not expect teachers to be engaged in six to eight hours of online teaching in a day. Rather they may be engaged for about two to three hours of online activities per day for the classes they teach, the guidelines, titled ‘Pragyata’.

The guidelines have been issued following concerns raised by parents over schools forcing students to spend long hours before computers and tablets for online classes, are advisory in nature.

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