Gmail adds new animations for swipe actions

Gmail adds new animations for swipe actions

Google recently introduced new animations for swipe actions in its Android app. This is a minor update, but it offers a refreshing visual experience in Gmail. It is not yet available in the Gmail app for iOS.

Gmail offers mail swipe actions that are shortcuts to archive, delete, mark as read/unread, move, and snooze emails. A background colour distinguishes these slide actions. Google offers two swipe actions for left and right that can customize in the settings menu. In the new update, Google has added animated icons for swipe actions, 9to5Google reported.

New animations for swipe actions are now live in the Gmail Android app. You will need the latest version, 2021.03.07, of the application to see the new swipe actions. It is not known when the swipe actions will be available in the iOS app. When deleting an email, the trash can lid will be displayed opening, while the file moves the arrow to a box. Snoozing an email will show an animation of a clock turning, and marking an email as read/unread shows the envelope icon opening and closing.

This update comes shortly after Google integrated “Chat” and “Rooms” into Gmail. The new Chat and Rooms tabs can be activated from the settings menu of the Gmail application. The Chat tab will also display individual messages and small group chats. Rooms are for larger group conversations along with the ability to share chat, files, and tasks. These features have been made available to Google Workspace users and have been implemented for free users.