Finally, Apple may let you ‘edit’ iMessage texts: Here’s how

Finally, Apple may let you ‘edit’ iMessage texts: Here’s how

Even after years of existence, iMessage still misses the option to retract messages.

This means once you send a text on the Apple-owned messaging service, it cannot be taken back.

But, if a new patent is anything to go by, the Cupertino giant appears to be working on the next best thing users could ask for – an ‘edit’ option.

Here’s all about it.

USPTO patent showing ‘edit’ in contextual menu
Filed with the US Patent Trademark Office, the patent application in question details a number of ways iMessage experience can be improved, including an option to ‘edit’ messages.

Apple envisions that the feature may be accessed from the contextual menu, which shows up when you long-press a particular text in iMessage to copy/delete it from your iPhone/iPad.

Then, you can edit the sent message
Once you use the option, the message, which has been delivered to the recipient, can be edited and tweaked.

This would come handy in those cases when you want to correct a typo in a message or are willing to add more context to it to make things a little clearer for the receiver.

There will be provisions to ensure transparency
While you can change iMessage texts with the suggested option, don’t assume that you will be able to use it for major changes, like taking back abusive messages.

The patent suggests the feature would be implemented in a way that the receiver will see when a message has been edited, along with the ‘edit’ history.

This ensures more transparency than the highly-popular ‘unsend’ option.

No word on availability yet
Along with the edit button, the patent also envisions improved implementation of Apple Pay in iMessage as well as special effects for certain texts like ‘congratulations’.

However, it must be noted that as of now this is just a patent and there is no saying whether the company will launch it in a stable release or not.


Source:- newsbytesapp