GTPL Hathway Witnesses Surge in New Cable TV and Broadband Connection Requests

The Government of India announced 21 days lockdown in the entire nation to combat Coronavirus. Since the beginning of lockdown, people have been relying on Cable TV, DTH and broadband connections for their entertainment. GTPL Hathway which recently acquired 220,000 subscribers are also seeing increasing demands for Cable TV boxes and broadband connections amidst the

Instagram, Apple, Twitter, Bytedance to TikTok, home-bound users fume as video apps do not sync with TVs

Kat Volpe laid out an exercise mat and tried to sync her iPhone with her big screen TV for a fitness class webcast on Instagram last week during New York`s coronavirus lockdown. But the popular app is incompatible with Google`s Chromecast TV-plugin device which is remote controlled with a smartphone or computer. As stay-at-home orders

Android users may have a ‘SMS problem’

Android users are reporting a strange problem and are complaining to Google that their SMS on Google Messages app are getting deleted automatically. “I restarted my phone and when I opened my Messages app all my conversations were gone. Tried restarting the app and then my phone again. They’re all gone… not good,” complained a