Beware: To avoid online scams, never use Google search for THESE things

Beware: To avoid online scams, never use Google search for THESE things

Google is the most famous and widely used search engine in today’s age. Over the years Google has made it impossible for people to survive without it. The ease of searching for information on Google is unmatched. The phrase, ‘Google search it’ has been used by one and many.

But are you aware that certain things should not be searched on Google by mistake as they can pose a threat for you? Let us have a quick look at these terms that can be dangerous for your digital safety.

1. Bank websites

With the growth of digital platforms, the process of online banking is being copiously used by its users. But you should never use Google search for banking. These days, cyber criminals make fake website of various banks for fraudulent purposes. They resemble the real website of the bank. Using these fake website, fraudsters can steal your banking details and can even deduct money from your account.

2. Apps or software

Mobile applications and softwares make your life easy. But often, cyber criminals put similar apps and softwares in Google search. As soon as you download them, important information is stolen from your phone and computer. The risk of viruses in your phone and computer also increases.

3. Customer Care

Customer care number of establishments should also not be searched on Google. Cyber criminals can steal important information from you by putting out the wrong customer care number. Later, using the details they can steal money fro your account.

4. Government schemes

Lately, there has been an increasing number of fraudulent government schemes being reported. Hence, information regarding government schemes should not be searched on Google. It is advisable to visit the official government websites for any information regarding government schemes.

5. Coupon codes

Discounts for online shopping are provided through coupon codes. But often, people Google search for free coupon codes. According to experts, Google search should not be taken to find coupon codes. Hackers and cybercriminals collect various types of personal and bank information from you in exchange for fake free coupon codes to lure you.

Source:- dnaindia