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Google starts blocking annoying autoplay videos in Chrome

Google started rolling out a new version of Chrome last month that further addresses autoplay videos. The latest update, version 66, includes autoplay video changes that stop Chrome from automatically playing videos if the sound is on by default. Google is gradually rolling these changes out in a personalized way, so that Chrome learns user preferences

Income Tax Warning: Don’t want to be labelled a tax evader? Follow these 8 tips carefully

You must be aware that the Income Tax Department has recently issued a cautionary advisory to the salaried taxpayers that those suppressing information while filing their income tax returns (ITRs) will be penalised, followed by prosecution as well. One of its reasons being that lots of taxpayers increase their deductions or exemptions or reduce their

Facebook F8: Five biggest announcements

If one thought that the Cambridge Analytica data scandal could dull Facebook’s sparkle then they couldn’t have been more wrong. CEO Mark Zuckerberglooked upbeat and didn’t show any strains from the fallout of the whole privacy scandal. The social media giant rolled out all big guns at day one of its F8 annual conference. Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger – all

This eco-friendly phone booth solves the biggest problem with open plan offices

Open plan offices are increasingly popular, and can be found in a diverse array of workplaces: from premium headphone manufacturers, to even international spy agencies. But they’re also, let’s face it, pretty awful. Proponents of the open-plan office design fête the fact that it permits greater collaboration — if you can see your co-workers, it’s easier to