9 new features that are coming to Zoom

9 new features that are coming to Zoom

No other app has seen its popularity go through the roof ever since lockdowns have been imposed in several parts of the world. We are talking about Zoom, an app that has gone from just another video conferencing app to a household name. Yet, it has seen its fair share of issues and problems in the last one month or so. Privacy issues and security concerns have marred the success of Zoom to a certain extent but the app has now rolled out several new features that aim to address them. Here we list out 9 new features that Zoom users are set to get.

Meeting data set to get more secure
As per an official blog post, Zoom is upgrading to the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard. In other words, users’ meeting data will be more secure and kept confidential. It is expected that the new feature will come within this week.

A new icon for easy access to all the security features
Zoom is making it easier for its users to access the security features. “Zoom’s security features, which had previously been accessed throughout the meeting menus, will now be grouped together and found by clicking the Security icon in the meeting menu bar on the host’s interface,” noted the company blog post.

More security in form of complex passwords
Zoom is adding complex passwords for all those who access cloud recordings, which are now set by default. For administered accounts, account admins now have the ability to define password complexity. This too should make the platform more secure.

Sharing meeting IDs accidentally will now be difficult
Zoom has moved the meeting ID and Invite option from the main Zoom interface to the Participants menu. This will make it harder for a user to accidentally share their meeting ID.

New features for companies like ease of access to find meetings, chats
The latest version of Zoom will give organisations the ability to link contacts across multiple accounts. This will help people to easily and securely search for meetings, chats and even phone contacts.

Reporting ‘unwanted’ users will now become easier
In the latest app version of Zoom, hosts will get the option to report a user through the security icon. They can also not allow participants to rename themselves.

Waiting room feature gets better
A popular feature called Waiting Room — that allows a host to keep participants in individual virtual waiting rooms before they are admitted to a meeting — will now be on by default for education, Basic, and single-license Pro accounts. Waiting Room can also be turned on by hosts while a meeting is in progress.

Zoom Dashboard gets more features
As per the official blog post by Zoom, “Admins on business, enterprise, and education plans can view how their meetings are connecting to Zoom data centers in their Zoom Dashboard. “

Option to manage chat notifications better
Zoom users will now get the option to have their Zoom Chat notifications not show a snippet of their chat


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