Day: January 18, 2022

Now charge your EV using existing electricity connection, centre issues new guidelines

The new guidelines issued by the Centre for electric vehicles charging infrastructure now allow owners to charge their vehicles at their residences or offices using existing electricity connections. The new revised consolidated guidelines and standards for electric vehicle charging infrastructure were announced by the Centre on January 14. According to the Ministry of Power, these

5 Best Password Managers for 2022

You have enough on your plate as an entrepreneur, do you really want to have to remember all of your passwords, too? Writing them down in a notebook or sticky notes isn’t exactly the most secure method, but a password manager is a flexible, secure alternative. If you’re in the market for a password manager

Driving License Update: Important news! Now you can drive in these top 15 countries with the driving license of India, know details

International Driving License: If you have an Indian driving license then you can enjoy driving in many best countries of the world too. Let us know about the 15 countries where the law allows you to drive on an Indian driving license. New Delhi: Driving License Update: There is news of work for those who