Month: May 2021

MSMEs alert! How e-commerce gave is giving a BIG BOOST to growth of small businesses in India

Technology advancements have transfigured the traditional technique of business into the digital space by introducing e-commerce. This technology upgradation has dramatically led to the rise in internet users. E-commerce or electronic commerce involves digital trading practices for goods and services that require digital devices and internet networks. This swift switchover of traditional to digital trading

Good news for bank, Post Office customers! This is how you can get money at your doorstep using Aadhaar

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions have led people to not step out of their homes. Several of the essential services including making payments, several banking services, etc. have also become digitalised. Now, the Post Office has come up with a strategy to help people get through this tough situation. For the unversed,