Month: April 2021

H1B Visa Extension Will Be Unstoppable Now; Govt Removes All Restrictions Of Trump-Era

The latest developments confirm that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has instructed its officers to defer to previous approvals for extending visas, including the H-1B work visa. How Does This Affect? This simply means that USCIS is reverting to its earlier long-standing guidance which was issued in 2004. Prior to this the Trump administration had

Govt allows import of medical devices like oxygen canister for 3 months with riders

The government on Thursday allowed import of 17 medical devices for three months with mandatory declarations immediately after custom clearance and before sale of such products in the domestic market. To meet rising demand in the ongoing pandemic, the government has allowed import of medical devices like nebulizer, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cannister, oxygen cylinders, oxygen